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Law for settlement of overdue taxes

A notification was published to the Gazette in relation to the Law for settlement overdue taxes. The overdue taxes covered are the following:

  • All overdue taxes up to and including year 2015 for which at the date of application have been assessed by the Tax department as payable
  • Amounts due based on self-assessment up to and including year 2015, where the tax returns for the relevant tax year have already been submitted, but no tax payment was made
  • Tax liabilities assessed after 3 July 2017 by the Commissioner of Taxation and relate to years up to and including 2015.

The application should be made within 3 months from the date the law enters into force, that is the 3rd July 2017. Also, the introduction of the installments scheme to the electronic application ‘Ariadne’ will take place. The installments could be paid either through the portal or via banks.   

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